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MTN Product Information

MTN promises a world with endless possibilities giving you the freedom to choose the communication solution that best suits your lifestyle.

MTN Prepaid

MTN PayAsYouGo is a pre-paid billing option enabling you to pay for call credit before utilizing the airtime. We offer you the flexibility to pay for your calls per second; so take total control of your spend.

Make calls and SMS without having to pay monthly fees. Recharge at your own convenience when your credit is low. Plus, you get to enjoy discounts when you subscribe to our value-added services or when there are promotions catered just for prepaid subscribers.

Benefits of Prepaid

  • Reload anytime, anywhere or recharge at any of our shops or Dealer shops countrywide.
  • Share credits with other prepaid subscriber with MTN Me2U. You can transfer your credit to them and vice versa.
  • Great discounts on voice calls with MTN surprise offers.
  • Make that urgent call even when you’ve run out of credit. Our MTN Xtra Time service lets you do just that.

MTN PayAsGo Tariff Plans

MTN Per Second

Pay for what you’ve used to the second! If you're the type of person who makes quick calls, then MTN PayAsYouGo PerSecond is just the thing for you, as you only pay for what you’ve used and not a second more. If you speak for 1 second, you pay for 1 second.

How to activate MTN Per second

All MTN prepaid Simcards have Per second as their default tariff. Dial *100*2# to activate.

MTN Value Added Services

MTN offers its customers a diverse range of call management services. From adapting a discount option to holding one call and taking another simultaneously, MTN lets its customers enjoy flexible solutions to their specific needs.

Text Messaging

This is a Short Message Service (SMS) that enables you to send short non-intrusive text messages (limited to 160 characters) to any applicable mobile phone or SMS capable device, nationally and internationally. When you’re busy and can’t talk (or want to conserve your airtime), but need to spread the word, SMS is your answer for that short quick burst of information sharing.

How to SMS

SMS is available to all MTN users. All MTN SIM cards are preset with the MTN Service Centre Number: +211920100020 embedded on the card. For information on how to access the service from your particular handset, please consult your device instruction manual.

Sending an SMS

  • Select Messages on your phone
  • Then select New Message

You can also send messages directly to your contacts from the MTN Website service, WebSMS.

Receiving an SMS

On receiving a message your phone will alert you when you’ve received a new SMS. It may also prompt you to read the new message; simply follow the on-screen instructions.


MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a store and forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. As such it can be seen as an evolution of SMS, with MMS supporting the transmission of additional media types: text, picture, audio, video, or a combination of all four.

The originator can easily create a Multimedia Message, either using a built-in or accessory camera, or can use images and sounds stored previously in the phone (and possibly downloaded from a web site).

Even if the recipient phone is not switched on, the Multimedia Message will be stored and sent to the recipient as soon as they switch on their phone. A number of Multimedia Messages can be stored in the user’s handset and reviewed or forwarded at a later date. With MMS, it is not only possible to send your multimedia messages from one phone to another, but also from phone to email.

In order to send or receive a MMS, the user must have a compatible phone. The vast majority of mobile phones available today support MMS.

So how does MMS work?

A typical example of how a MMS message can be sent and received between two compatible MMS phones is detailed below:

  • Using a MMS compatible phone, take a photo.
  • Use your phone to personalize the message by adding text, sound clip or your own voice.
  • Send the MMS message.

On a compatible phone, the MMS message will appear with a new message alert. The picture message will open on the screen, the text will appear below the image and the sound will begin to play.

Call Back

With the MTN Call Back service; you can get in touch with your family, friends or business associates without having money in your MTN account, requesting them to call back.

MTN Play

MTN Play is your online infotainment portal. It gives you the latest in the new world of lifestyle and entertainment. MTN Play offers you the best in local and international online content for your phone with content including Music, Sports, Games, News, Religion and Info.

With MTN Play you will get the latest in sports updates, news, scores, fixtures etc delivered directly to your phone. You can choose from the vast array of games including arcade, logic, and strategy games. There is lots of music too. This includes ringtones, callertunez, and full track downloads. With News and Info you get local and international news, weather information, love tips, horoscope, business news.

MTN Mobile Internet

Enjoy World-class Internet with MTN. Our network - 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G ensures that you’ve got access to your email, browsing, downloading and social networking 24/7

Messaging Services

MTN has a wide array of messaging services. Some are designed to enhance your mobile experience and livelihood, while others add value in your interests. Our cost-effective solutions will bring a smile to your face and at least one service could help to save your life.

Facebook SMS

Facebook SMS lets you use Facebook through text messaging on your phone.

You can now text your status update, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can also choose to receive FREE text alerts of messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends’ right when they happen!


Get started by sending an SMS request: ON to 163, then you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code, which you input where applicable under your Facebook account: Settings > Mobile/SMS or access using the link provided in SMS.

MTN Magic Voice

MTN Magic Voice provides a fun platform that enables customers to change their voices with many options available.

Simply dial 833 followed by the number you wish to dial. You will be guided to select options and all the various voices available.

Your ordinary voice is translated into the Voice of a Cartoon character, a Female, a King, a Grandpa etc. MTN Magic Voice also comes with background features Traffic, Romance or an Airport ambience..


  1. What is MTN Magic Voice?
    This is a service that enables you to change your normal voice into a fun and exciting voice while communicating with other people. (It also allows you to select a background of your choice while talking to other people.
  2. What are the different Voice Options?
    There are a number of Voice options, e.g. Cartoon, Females voice, Grandpas Voice, Kings Voice and Airport, Traffic, and Romance background.
  3. Who can use this Product?
    The service is available for all MTN mobile customers whether on prepaid or postpaid.
  4. How do I activate the Service?
    Dial 833+0921234567 and follow the prompts. Or use a USSD code (*833#)
  5. Are there any specific handsets to access MTN Magic number?
    The service is a network based service. This means whichever phone you have; you can access the service.
  6. How much do I get charged to access the Service?
    You will be charged SSP0.25 to subscribe for a day or SSP1.5 for a week.
  7. How do I know and select the Voice or background of my choice?
    On activating the MTN Magic voice you dial 833 +your friend’s number e.g. 8330921234567 and listen to the Voice prompts to select the different Voice options available.
  8. How much does it cost to download a Voice?
    You can pick a different voice option every time you make a Phone call or during a call and all this is free, all you need is to subscribe for a day or a week.
  9. Can I change my voice while talking to another number other than MTN Numbers?
    No; MTN customers using MTN Magic Voice can only use this service only on MTNSS Network.
  10. Can Magic Voice work while calling Numbers outside Uganda?
    No Magic Voice customers will only have access within South Sudan

MTN Tahawil Resid (EVD)

This is an electronic voucher distributor (EVD) – a quick, easy system that enables you to load airtime without scratching a voucher.

The service is available at selected MTN outlets, hotels and supermarkets.


MTN Me2U is an easy and convenient way to buy airtime directly from your MTN phone for another MTN phone. Both the sender and the recipient receive a confirmation SMS from MTN once the transaction has been completed.

This service is available to MTN PayAsYouGo customers only.

How to send MTN airtime

Dial *121* followed by the recipient’s number, then *, then the airtime amount in SSP, then *00000#

Example: To send SSP15 to 0921234567, dial *121*0921234567*15*00000#

PayAsYouGo Express

This is an Electronic Voucher Distributor (EVD). A quick easy paper-print-voucher system enabling PayAsYouGo customers to load airtime without scratching a voucher. This service is available in select MTN outlets.

Airtime is a necessity to have you communicating, so get to know in what ways we can have you up talking and messaging again.

Call Barring

Feel like not being bothered today? You can prevent incoming and outgoing calls whenever it suits you. This service is available for all MTN Mobile subscribers.

To activate:

  • Go to security settings function on your phone and select call barring service.
  • Select barring condition i.e. incoming, outgoing or all and type in your security PIN to activate.
  • To deactivate, select cancel barring, type in your security PIN and press OK.

For more details consult your phone user manual.

Note: Consistent entering of a wrong PIN will result in your phone being blocked.

Cost: The service is Free.

Call Diverting

Call Diverting enables you to forward your calls to any other number or to your Voicemail when your battery is low, your phone is off, or you are unreachable. This service is available for all MTN Mobile subscribers.

This service is available for all MTN customers.

To activate:

  • Go to the Divert Calls function on your phone.
  • Select the desired condition for diverting calls i.e. when unavailable or when busy etc.
  • Divert the calls to desired destination number.

Note: Diverted calls are charged the normal call rates to the destination number.

Cost: The service is Free.

Call Line Identity (CLI)

Do you hate private numbers? Let people see you're calling them and see who's calling you!

Activate Calling Line Identity (CLI) and let your phone send and show your number on recipients’ phones when you call them. CLI will also let you see who's calling you, the perfect way to screen your calls!

To activate:

Consult your handset instruction manual to ensure your handset supports this feature.

Using CLI:

There are two options to the CLI service:

  • Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) displays the number or name (if stored in your phonebook) of an incoming calling party.
  • Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) prevents your number from being displayed when you call someone.

Cost: The service is Free.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting makes it possible for you to have an active call with another on hold, and enables you to switch between both calls. This service is available to all MTN customers.

To activate:

  • Go to the call settings function of your phone.
  • Select call waiting service and activate.

Using Call Waiting:

  • Option 1: Put 1st caller on hold and pick up the 2nd call.
  • Option 2: End 1st call and pick up the 2nd call.

Cost: The service is Free.

Calling International

No matter how far away they are you can still keep in touch for as long as you want, whenever you want. MTN International Calling allows you to make voice calls from Uganda to any other country in world.

How to make international call while dialing out of South Sudan, all you need to do is:

  • Dial starting with the prefix + or outgoing code 000
  • Followed by the destination country code
  • Then the number required, minus the first zero


If you wanted to call your friend, family or business associate in London whose number is 0208xxxxxxx, you would dial + (prefix) 44 (code for the United Kingdom) 208xxxxxxx (the number, minus the first 0) i.e. +44 208xxxxxxx.

Or if calling a South Sudan number while roaming abroad.

You can either dial the number in local format e.g. 092xxxxxxx or in international format e.g. +211 92xxxxxxx.

To activate

PayAsYouGo customers

Your account is preset active to allow for International Calling. So unless your account has been barred from making international calls and provided you have sufficient airtime, you can make an international call right now!

Postpaid customers

Your account is preset active to allow for International Calling on payment of the standard deposit. If your account is barred, you will need to send us an official letter of approval to activate your account in order to make international calls.

Cost: International call rates apply.

MTN WhoCalled

Do you miss a lot of calls while your phone is switched off? Then try the MTN WhoCalled service. This service notifies you via SMS about the different people that tried to call you while you were unreachable. It also tells you the number of times each caller tried to reach you and at what times of the day.

MTN WhoCalled will also automatically notify you once a number you were previously trying to call is available again.

This service is available to all MTN subscribers.

To activate:

  • Go to the Divert Calls function on your phone.
  • Select the desired condition for diverting calls i.e. when unavailable or when Busy.
  • Divert the calls.

To deactivate:

  • Go to the Divert Calls function on your phone.
  • Select diverting calls to OFF.

Cost: The service is Free.


"Get in the know and simplify..."

The MTN Menu offers you the most straight-forward user friendly quick access to MTN services and more. All you have to do is browse the MTN Menu by dialing *100# and select for content or a service of your choice such as Service activations and a whole lot more.

MTN International Roaming

Being in constant touch globally is now an absolute necessity. International roaming with MTN keeps you in touch and connected with your contacts in South Sudan and around the world. MTN has international roaming agreements with many GSM operators in various countries.

MTN customers can take their MTN number when they travel abroad and keep connected to contacts both at home in South Sudan and rest of the world. International Roaming is available to all MTN Mobile customers.

In most countries MTN offers roaming with more than one partner.

Before you travel

  • Confirm that your destination country has a network with a roaming agreement with MTN South Sudan and your account is activated.
  • Remember your phone charger and travel adapter, as may differ.
  • PayAsYouGo customers may need to load or carry sufficient airtime credit to last your roaming duration.*

To activate

PayAsYouGo customers:

Your account is preset active to allow for roaming services. So unless your phone has been barred from roaming and provided you have sufficient airtime, you can set off on your travels without fuss.

Postpaid customers:

International roaming is automatically activated upon crossing into any one of the MTN network partner global territory, as long as you have pre-approved for roaming services activation before traveling; You will need to send us a formal letter of approval to activate your MTN line for roaming services, with a refundable deposit payment of SSP 600.

International roaming is automatically activated upon crossing into any one of the MTN network partner global territory, as long as you have pre-approved for roaming services activation before traveling; You will need to send us a formal letter of approval to activate your MTN line for roaming services, with a refundable deposit payment of SSP 600

On arrival

  • Switch on your phone and automatically an approved network will be selected.
  • If this does not happen automatically, choose to search manually on your phone by selecting "settings", then "phone settings" followed by "network selection", then "Manual selection". You will receive a choice of networks – select an approved network; see your handset manual as handsets differ.
Country Operator
IndiaAircel Chennai
IndiaAircel Tamil Nadu
IndiaAircel Andhra Pradesh
IndiaAircel Bihar
IndiaAircel Himachal Pradesh
IndiaAircel Karnataka
IndiaAircel Kerala
IndiaAircel Kolkata
IndiaAircel Maharashtra and Goa
IndiaAircel Mumbai
IndiaAircel Orissa
IndiaAircel UP East
IndiaAircel UP West
IndiaAircel West Bengal
IndiaAircel Gujarat
IndiaAircel Haryana
IndiaAircel Madhya Pradesh
IndiaAircel Punjab
IndiaAircel Rajasthan
IndiaAircel Assam
IndiaAircel Jammu & Kashmir
IndiaAircel North East
CroatiaCroatian Telecom
Congo RDCAirtel
Sierra LeoneComium
Saudi ArabiaMobily
Saudi ArabiaZain
Sierra LeoneAfricell
Equatorial GuineaHits
LatviaMobilais Telefons
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHT Eronet
ItalyTelecom Italia
Hong KongSmartone
Guinea BissauMTN
South AfricaMTN
South AfricaVodacom
CambodiaSmart Mobile
IndiaVodafone Maharashtra & Goa
IndiaVodafone Kerala
IndiaVodafone Mumbai
IndiaVodafone Tamil Nadu
IndiaVodafone Delhi
IndiaVodafone Kolkata
IndiaVodafone Gujarat
IndiaAirtel Delhi
IndiaAirtel Kolkatta
IndiaAirtel Maharashtra
IndiaAirtel Kerala
IndiaAirtel Haryana
IndiaAirtel Uttar Pradesh West
IndiaAirtel Chennai
IndiaAirtel Himachal Pradesh
IndiaAirtel Madhya Pradesh
IndiaAirtel Gujarat
IndiaAirtel Punjab
IndiaAirtel Tamilnadu
IndiaAirtel Rajasthan
IndiaAirtel Andhra Pradesh
IndiaAirtel Mumbai
IndiaAirtel Karnataka
Sudan NorthZain
Albaniaeagle mobile
GhanaGlo Mobile
80. TurkmenistanMTS
Korea SouthKT

Roaming in South Sudan

Advice for people visiting and roaming in South Sudan.

On traveling to South Sudan, you can roam with MTN the leading mobile operator in South Sudan and has agreements with over 250 GSM network operators in 120 countries. So visiting our country means that there’s no reason why you can’t stay connected to your loved ones back home whilst simply making use of your existing cell phone and number to make and receive calls and text messages. Our network already covers 80% of our population - that’s including all major cities, towns and roads.

Before you travel

  • Confirm that your network has a roaming agreement with MTN South Sudan and your account is activated.
  • Check to see that your phone will work on our 900/1800 MHz network.
  • Remember your phone charger and travel adapter. We use 220 volts.
  • If you are a PayAsYouGo customer you may need to load or carry sufficient airtime credit to last your roaming duration.*

On arrival

  • On switching on your phone here it will automatically select a network.
  • If this does not happen automatically choose to search manually on your phone by selecting "settings", then "phone settings" followed by "network selection", then choose “Manual selection”. You will receive a choice of South Sudan networks – select MTN South Sudan or 65902 if codes are displayed instead**.
  • Making international calls remember to dial the international prefix + and the country code before the desired number e.g. to call UK number: 0208123456 dial +44208123456
  • Making domestic calls (to South Sudan numbers) you don't need to insert the international prefix "+" or a country code. e.g. to call an MTN number just dial ** Note: Navigation steps may differ on some handsets.

In case you need assistance while in South Sudan contact us or contact your home network operator.