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MTN CallerTunez

When someone calls you and they’re waiting for you to answer, why not play them a great tune instead of boring them with the usual ringing sound?

By using MTN Caller Tunez, you can personalise your ring-back tone to entertain your callers.

Dial *200# or call 200 and choose a tune that will get your friends calling you again and again. You can download different Caller Tunez to make up a library of six songs.

The service is compatible with all types of handset.

How it works

To get Caller Tunez via SMS:
Find the code for the song on the list below and SMS it to 200.

To get Caller Tunez via our interactive system:
Dial 200 and follow the prompts to browse through the list of Caller Tunez and download the ones you love.


You will be billed for Caller Tunez in the following ways:

To Subscribe via SMS Fees
1 Day SubscriptionSSP 2
3 Day SubscriptionSSP 4
Weekly SubscriptionSSP 6
Monthly SubscriptionSSP 20
1 Day Song DownloadSSP 1.5
3 Day Song DownloadSSP 3.5
Weekly Song DownloadSSP 6
Monthly Song DownloadSSP 20


Caller Tunez titles and codes

Song Title Singer Song Code
Gangster Loving Tande 4176458
Aragan Taki Silver X 4327335
On Fire Saab Jay 4176473
Fetisu Sukol Silver X 4327345
Loyal East Coast Version Chris Brown 4234561
Twesana Sheebah Karungi 4734264
Beautiful Silver X 4327353
Together As One Lucky Dube 4233452
Number One Diamond 4358985
Hardlife Avenue Lost Culture 4343791
16th May Bor Panchol Deng Ajang 4176430
Waja Wen Silver X 4327350
Makol Weledu Ma Ayan 4176513
Abanjogerera Muliwa Grace Kafeero 4163199
Bamba Mantane Ft King Paddy 4338709
Bei Kali Jose Chameleon 4398466
Mubi Bubi Maro Ft David Lutalo 4734380
Near Death Hold Me Kansiime Anne 4734392
Yes Or No Edu Booy 4486527
Sejjusa Mung 5991782



1. How much does it cost?
You pay a monthly subscription fee of SSP1, or you can download your choice of Caller Tunez for SSP1 per tune at any time via SMS, voice-response, USSD or the web.

2. If I don’t pay my monthly subscription fee, what happens to the Caller Tunez in my personal library?
You will be unsubscribed. Your Caller Tunez will expire 30 days after they were activated or when you unsubscribe from the service.

3. How often can I change the songs in my personal library?
As often as you want.

4. Do I pay for every song I add to my personal library?
Yes. There is a fee for every new song you download.

5. What is the maximum number of songs I can have in my personal library?
You can have up to six songs in your personal library.