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MTN Per Second

If you're the type of person who makes quick calls, then MTN PayAsYouGo PerSecond is just the thing for you, as you only pay for what you’ve used and not a second more. This plan is suitable for customers who make a lot of calls but don’t spend a lot of time on the phone. It allows customers to pay only for the exact number of seconds they spend on a call. MTN PerSecond doesn’t only give customers the best control over their spend, but also the best value. Customers who are subscribed to PerSecond tariff receive bonus airtime every time they recharge.

The new MTN prepaid SIM cards have also been configured to have PerSecond tariff as a default tariff plan that gives customers complete control over their spend. MTN PerSecond gives you a single per second billing rate to any network, at any time.


  • Pay only for the exact number of seconds you spend on the phone, if you speak for 1 second, you pay for 1 second.
  • Enjoy 10% On Net bonus airtime on every recharge you make everyday
  • MTN PayAsYouGo PerSecond is an affordable alternative and simple to use and you definitely get value for money.

​​This is the default plan for all new MTN customers. As soon as you start using MTN prepaid, you are using MTN Per Second. You may change to another plan for 10 piasters only. If you are already signed up for a different prepaid plan, simply dial *100*2# to subscribe.


Service Rate per Second
MTN to MTN 0.0525 SSP/Sec
MTN to Other Network 0.0642 SSP/Sec
Off Peak
MTN to MTN 0.0525 SSP/Sec
MTN to Other Network 0.0624 SPP/Sec
SMS (Per Page)
SMS to MTN 0.7 SSP
SMS to Other Network 0.7 SSP
SMS to International 2.8 SSP