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MTN Internet Product Information

MTN promises you World-class Internet, giving you access to endless possibilities and the freedom to pursue your professional and personal dreams anywhere, everywhere.


MTN 3G Offers High Speed Packet Access technology designed to deliver faster World-class Internet download speeds than ever before. Speeds will vary due to a range of factors including the device type, areas where the MTN 3G network is activated, peak and off-peak usage times and distance from the nearest base station.


The entire MTN South Sudan network is 2G compatible which means that as a customer, you can access (with a good measure of success) the Internet anywhere in South Sudan where there is the MTN network.

MTN Router

MTN 3G router is a 3G cellular modem, which has an embedded wireless hotspot, with four Ethernet ports and a traditional phone jack. It is perfect for home or small offices and allows a user to share a connection with multiple users. The router may also serve as a modem using the USB slot to provide a single connection to the user.