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MTN CEO Message


Welcome to our new MTN South Sudan website. It is my sincere hope that as you navigate through our website you will appreciate our unique offerings and become a member of the country's most innovative and fastest growing network.

Since establishment, we have experienced tremendous growth and become a part of this culturally diverse society. We are an African company, set up to satisfy the needs of customers. Today we can safely say we are a growing brand, trusted for our reliability and relevance in people's lives. 2014 is a significant year for MTN, as we take another important step in achieving our vision to lead the delivery of a bold, new Digital World to our customers. We are excited about the future of MTN South Sudan and strongly believe that we are adequately prepared for a significant phase of growth. We look to always provide South Sudanese with simple, innovative and affordable solutions to meet their communication needs.

Our services go beyond providing quality and affordable communication solutions but extend to uplifting communities and people around us. The communities we serve deserve state-of-the-art services from an experienced network that is focused on one goal; serving the people every day, anywhere and we are that network. Our innovation is inspired by you our customers, we are passionate about making life easy for you "everywhere you go" using our various offerings on our wide product portfolio.

A huge investment has been made over the past months, this investment has been mainly in expanding our network technology as well as rollout our distribution infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure, MTN will provide wider national coverage and mobile data services so as to extend access to the rural areas of South Sudan. The continuous investment by MTN in South Sudan has enabled job creation with direct and indirect support for more nationals and largely contributed to the nation's economy.

While we set the trends in the industry, we continue to be socially responsible and dedicated to improving the country's social and economical landscape. But besides that role, we strive to make interventions in many other ways. Through various social and community initiatives, we support Sports, Health, Education, Music as well as cultural initiatives. Over the years, MTN South Sudan has supported the MTN Independence Marathon and 21 Days of Y'ello Care.

Wherever MTN operates, we owe our position as leader to our staff, who are backed by our five values of: Integrity, Leadership, Innovation, Can Do & Relationship. However, we cannot do this without the support you continue giving us. We continue to be grateful as we have always been for your loyalty. Using our synergies from the MTN Group, we shall ensure that we deliver quality state-of-the-art solutions for everyone, everywhere you go. This is our pledge.