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Careers - Hiring Process

Candidate Application

Have a look at the existing openings and apply for the position that best matches your profile and interest area by clicking on Work with Us, this will take you to the relevant application form.


We match your profile with the requirements of our role.

Once a vacancy has closed, all completed applications will be sent to the MTN South Sudan Recruitment team. Short-listing typically occurs within 14 days of a vacancy closing. Once this is completed, you will be contacted via email informing you of the outcome of your application.


If you are shortlisted for an interview, the email will contain details of the location, date & time for the interview, and a job application form for you to complete and bring along on the day of the interview.

If you are not successful beyond this stage you will also be notified via email.


If you are applying for a frontline sales job at MTN South Sudan, you are required to undergo an aptitude test.

If you are being considered for middle to senior level management role, then you'll be required to complete an Occupational Personality Questionnaire.


In case of final selection, we would be conducting a background verification check on the credentials provided by you.

After the interview

All candidates will be informed of the outcome of their interview within 48 hours of attending the interview.

Joining & on-boarding

We understand how you may feel during your initial days in a new organization and hence we'll be constantly with you during this crucial time and thereafter for your entire journey with us!

Here you will go through the MTN orientation programme within the first 3 months of your joining. However the HR coordinator and line manager will ensure on a day to day a smooth integration through our on boarding programme.